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Launette's Hour

London, 28.04.24

Up with the Lark! Launette takes time out from her day job as a chocolatier to play from her treasured vinyl collection. She will also be joined from time to time by carefully chosen guests. Happy Sunday!


  • 0:00:08
    Bojan Drobež 
    Krog Na Vodi
  • 0:05:43
    Sam Grassie
    Put the Blood
  • 0:08:46
    Cian Nugent 
  • Pierre Bensusan
    Dame Lombard
  • Shirley Collins And Davy Graham
    Nottamun Town
  • Penny Carson Nichols 
    Watching The Underwear Fly By
  • Country Comfort 
    We Are The Children
  • Matt Duncan 
    The Keys
  • Natural Child 
    Margaritas In The Moonlight
  • Duff Thompson
    You’re Pretty Good
  • Batteaux 
    Tell Her She's Lovely
  • Dory Previn 
    Starlet Starlet On The Screen, Who Will Follow Norma Jean?
  • Help Yourself 
    Look At The View
  • Jeffrey Silverstein 
    Cowboy Grass
  • Happy End
    Kaze Wo Atsumete
  • Dr. Dog 
    The World May Never Know