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Awe w/ Laurel Halo

London, 08.02.21

With Laurel Halo

Awe is something you feel when confronted with forces beyond your control: nature, the cosmos, chaos, human error, hallucinations.


  • Don Cherry & Terry Riley
    Untitled III (Tambourinen Session, Copenhagen, 1970)
  • Roberturman 
  • FUJI||||||||||TA
    Kōmori 1
  • Fred Frith 
    The As Usual Dance Toward The Other Flight To What Is Not (Part 3)
  • Eliza McCarthy, Mica Levi 
  • Stanley Cowell 
    The Gembhre
  • Baden Powell 
    Variacoes Sobre Asa Branca
  • Milford Graves, Sunny Morgan 
    Nothing 5-7
  • Sarah Davachi 
    Stations V
  • Laurel Halo 
    Terrain (Prototype 3c)
  • Charlie Haden
    For Turiya (W/ Alice Coltrane)
  • Suemori
    Rakka 落花
  • Ian William Craig 
    Purpose (Is No Country)
  • Phew 
    The Very Ears Of Dusk
  • The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe
    Don’t Be A Stranger
  • CS + Kreme 
    Pussywhistle Tea
  • Alain Bellaïche 
    Saint Andrea
  • Ahmed Malek 
    La Côte