Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour: Mickey Newbury

Calgary, 02.12.19

Focus on Mickey Newbury

Barnaby Bennett presents the Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour.


  • Pink Industry
    Time Is A Thief
  • Scott Walker
    Frisco Depot
  • Bill Callahan
    Heaven Help The Child
  • Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
    I Came To Hear The Music
  • Joan Baez
    San Francisco Mabel Joy
  • Uniques
    I Sure Feel More (Like I Do Than I Did When I Got Here)
  • Neal Ford & the Fanatics
    Mary Wanna Mary Me
  • Roy Junior
    Looks Like The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine
  • Steve Alaimo
    One Times One Ain’t Two
  • Betty La Vette
    What Condition My Condition Is In
  • Etta James
    Are My Thoughts With You
  • Ray Charles (With Clydie King)
    Sweet Memories
  • Anita Carter (With The Carter Family)
    Poison Red Berries
  • Don Gibson (With The Jordanaires)
    Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings
  • The Kentucky Colonels (With Clarence White)
    Why You Been Gone So Long
  • David Allen Coe
    The 33rd Of August
  • Colin Scot
    Baby In My Lady

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