Live now

Public Order w/ D'vo & Jlte Taygeta

London, 22.09.23

With Lawson Benn

A blurred look at then and now hosted by Jlte Taygeta and Lawson Benn (with or without intermissions). Check also for Public Order releases & events.


  • 0:00:08
    Kendrick Lamar
    Alright (Kwaito Edit)
  • 0:02:40
    Thee Suka
    Mano Mano (Notre Dame Remix)
  • 0:05:30
    Kevin Kofii
    Shifting Directions
  • Love Devotion
    Indian Kwaito
  • D’Vo
    Sands Of Casamance (Unreleased)
  • D’Vo
    Killin The Zanku (Unreleased)
  • D’Vo
    Touchin Bass (Unreleased)
  • And Is Phi 
  • Cykada
    So Divided (Forthcoming Single)
  • Myriad Forest
    1 Down (Live At Brainchild Relaunch)
  • NRG
    The Futures Real
  • Mathandos, Nvcho, Readasoul & Dj Stopper
    Get Some Wood (Sgija Remix)
  • Majorsteez
    Delicious (Feat, Toss, Nadia Nkai, Alfa Kat & Mustbedubz)
  • Lechuga Zafiro
    Leche (Feat. Mc Nick)
  • D’Vo
    Victory Dance
  • Fiyahdred
  • Mr Jazziq, Kay Invictus & M.J
    Halala (Feat. Mellow & Sleazy)
  • WhoCamille