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Public Order w/ Lawson Benn

London, 10.04.20

With Lawson Benn

An askew look at then and now presented by Jlte and Lawson Benn (with or without intermissions). Check also for the Public Order releases and events.


  • Blanck Mass
    Jack’s Theme
  • 0comeups 
    Them Not Me
  • Chevel 
    One Evening In July
  • Tears For Fears 
    The Working Hour (Live)
  • Justin 
    Turp Pale
  • RV Feat. KO
    No Respawning (Ony Mix)
  • Michele Mercure 
    Night Music
  • Error Lake
  • Nazar
    Bunker (Feat. Shannen SP)
  • Banshee 
  • Loft 
    That Hyde Trakk
  • Digital 
  • Jonny L 
    This Time (Cool Dub)
  • J Majik 
    Lush Life
  • Alex Reece 
    I Need Your Love
  • Universal (Photek mix) 
    Groove Therapy (Photek Remix)
  • Doc Scott 
    Far Away (Fourteen Flavours Of Funk)
  • LTJ Bukem 
    Atlantis (I Need You)