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London Contemporary Orchestra

London, 22.06.20

With London Contemporary Orchestra

The London Contemporary Orchestra bring their own performances of the best in contemporary classical from the UK and the world over such as American minimalist champions Steve Reich and Terry Riley, as well as cross-over highlights from the discourses of electronic and experimental music.


  • Ellen Fullman
    Costal Scrub
    Hewwo (Sos Mol) For George And Siwan
  • Carly Paradis
    Binaural Glass
  • Ausculation
    Black Window
  • Owen Pallett 
    A Bloody Morning
  • Moor Mother
    True Opera
  • Lucinda Chua 
  • Aïsha Devi 
    Dislocation Of The Alpha
  • TK & Papa Bear
    Too Cool (Feat. Clara Sinephro)
  • Dan Michelson
    Colourfield Prelude
  • Uele Lamour
    The Party
  • Alex Somers 
    The North Star
  • Qasim Navqi