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Leila Samir w/ Yazz Ahmed

London, 27.06.20

London producer & DJ Leila Samir presents an hour every month.


  • I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
    Thelonious Monk
  • Good Evening
  • Transition East
    Angel Bat Dawid
  • Dreams Are Better
    London Underground
  • Electric Chairs 
    So Many Ways
  • Creation Rebel 
    Space Movement
  • Sun Ra 
    Seductive Fantasy
  • Jewels Of The Sky
    Matana Roberts
  • THunk
    Joshua Blackmore
  • Opening Image
    Arve Henriksen
  • Palmyra
    Nadah El Shazley
  • Coptic Guts
  • Last Leviathan
    Kit Downes
  • As Far As Eyes Can See
    Matana Roberts
  • Para Thad Jones
    Hermeto Pascoal