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Lightning Conductor w/ Anatolian Weapons

Amsterdam, 06.02.19

With Anatolian Weapons

Following on from her month-long residency in March of 2017, Lena Willikens now brings her esteemed selections to the NTS airwaves for a regular monthly show. Known from her resident sets at Salon Des Amateurs, expect a varied selection of everything from industrial to kosmische, post-punk and techno.


  • Pete Namlook And DJ Chris
    Duane Sky
  • Tyler Ov Gaia
    Polychromatic Illusions
  • SFX
    Shabale (Anatolian Weapons Rework)
  • Black Merlin 
  • Simo Cell 
    A Wink Gone Wrong
  • Anatolian Weapons
    Float (Forthcoming Emotional Response)
  • Love-Songs 
    Im Quadrat
  • Felizol
    Peter Petrako
  • Automat 
    Last Night
  • Outland 
    African Dub
  • Simo Cell 
  • Lena Platonos
    Cyaniris (June Remix) (Forthcoming Dark Entries)
  • Alexis Le Tan 
    Different Ways
  • Mekine U Teksi 
  • Vector Trancer
    Wormhole Chant (Forthcoming Mirror Zone)
  • JackWasFaster (Gatos Negros mix) 
    Bitter Pill To Swallow (Gatos Negros Remix)
  • Iro Aka
    Buduscheye (Anatolian Weapons Remix) (Forthcoming Elephant Gait Music)
  • Anatolian Weapons 
  • Lena Platonos (Anatolian Weapons mix) 
    Cyaniris (Anatolian Weapons 6 A.M. Eternal)
  • Die Orangen (Full Circle mix) 
    Yaranabe (Full Circle Goa Way Remix)
  • Juno Reactor 
    High Energy Protons
  • Electrotete 
  • Third Eye 
    New Life
  • Anatolian Weapons Feat. Seirios Savvaidis
    Tarracti Katarrachti (Forthcoming Beats In Space)