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Liquid Mirror w/ Olive Kimoto

Los Angeles, 29.04.24

Liquid Mirror is the aural exploration of all intersections of ethereality with musician and artist Olive Kimoto. Interpreted eclectically, the monthly broadcast ranges from shoegaze and dream pop, to electronic and experimental.


  • 0:00:06
    Forma Norte
    Cap (Feat. Driadelvira)
  • 0:01:30
    Forma Norte 
    Bien , mal
  • 0:03:01
  • Chanel Beads 
    Embarrassed Dog
  • Malory
    silence flows thruogh noise
  • Hysterical Love Project 
    Oil Slicks (Song For The Spirals)
  • Yawning Portal 
    Earthbound II
  • Dreamweaver
    Future Perfect (Feat. Botanical Anomaly)
  • Color Filter 
    Stars Shine So Bright, The Sun Rises So High
  • Love Spirals Downwards 
    Sunset Bell
  • The Chameleon 
    Just Close Your Eyes & Listen
  • Accelera
    Deck This Bliss
  • Soulwhirlingsomewhere
    the safety in overglorifying the past
  • Robin Guthrie 
  • Cocteau Twins 
    My Truth