Live now

Livity Sound w/ Simo Cell

Bristol, 11.10.16

With Kowton, Peverelist, Simo Cell

Livity Sound's monthly residency delivers two hours of the best techno, house and UK soundsystem music. Label crew on rotation: Kowton, Peverelist, Asusu, Batu, Simo Cell, Forest Drive West and more..


  • Don't DJ 
  • S.O.N.S 
    Landing On The Unknown
  • Nummer
    Forthcoming Going Good
  • Guber
    Quantum Confnement (Unreleased)
  • Forest Drive West
    Unknown Track
  • Franklin De Costa
    Forthcoming Not So Good
  • Simo Cell
    Gliding (Forthcoming Livity Sound)
  • Zarate Fix & Sotofett
    Unknown Track
  • Norin
    Forthcoming Collapsing Market
  • Yaleesa Hall
    Forthcoming Ink & Will
  • Call Super
    Forthcoming Houndstooth
  • Geena
    Forthcoming Antinote
  • Simo Cell
    Unknown Track
  • Monolake 
  • Haruomi Hosono 
  • Menchess
    Mistubishi Song
  • Leo Anibaldi 
    Aeon Fusion I (2016 Stretched Edit)
  • Luxus Varta
    Forthcoming Intramuros
  • Aleksi Perel
    The Colundi Sequence Level 8
  • Troy Gunner
    Static (Unreleased)
  • The Higher Intelligence Agency, Pete Namlook 
    Intruder Detector
  • Equinnoxx
    A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up (Short Edit)
  • Leo Anibaldi 
    Muta B1
  • Laughter Meditation (Massey Mix
    Graham Massey Of 808 State)
  • The Ace Of Clubs 
  • Simo Cell
    Obi 1 (Forthcoming Livity Sound)
  • Second Woman
    Second Woman
  • Powder