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Lone & Gabriola Present Magicwire w/ Terekke

London, 20.05.16

With Lone, Terekke

Gabriola presents sounds from the label Magicwire, once a month every month, occasionally featuring friends and occasionally not.


  • Maki Asakawa 
    Blue Spirit Blues
  • Rene & Angela 
    I'll Be Good
  • Unknown
  • Royalle Delite 
    I'll Be A Freak For You
  • Nitro Delux
    Lets Get Brutal
  • Mr. Fingers 
    Can You Feel It
  • Fish Go Deep, Rebecca Meagher 
    Let's Go Back (Dub Mix)
  • Sub Seducer
  • *Forth Coming Magic Wire* -
  • Persia 
    Inch By Inch
  • Unknown
    Steppin Out
  • Kerrier District 
    Let's Dance And Freak
  • Theo Parrish 
    Sky Walking
  • Gordans War
    The Rock
  • Home Sick
    Cant Change A Man