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Lone & Gabriola Present Magicwire w/ Byron the Aquarius & Ross From Friends

London, 24.03.17

With Lone, Byron The Aquarius, Ross From Friends

Gabriola presents sounds from the label Magicwire, once a month every month, occasionally featuring friends and occasionally not.


  • Unknown
  • Hiroshima 
  • Rick Clarke 
    I Really Want To Be With You
  • Pitch
  • John White 
    Mood For Love
  • Bruce Trail
    Eve To Atmos
  • DIAL 666 8100 
    Uber Spliff To Gatwick
  • Detroit's Filthiest
    Soul Brother Number 1
  • Jagged 
    Hello Kool Nice
  • S. Moriea
    The Truth
  • Annette 
    Dream 17
  • The African Dream 
    Makin' A Living
  • E Myers 
  • Mike Grant 
    The Struggle Of My People
  • Mim Suleiman 
    Pole Pole
  • Kenny Dixon Jr. 
    Winter Breeze
  • Javonntte 
    Chaka's Revenge
  • Atjazz, Christo 
  • Josh Milan 
    Fort Greene's Theme (Main)
  • 3 Winans Brothers 
    I Choose You
  • May Rey
    Quartier Sex
  • Fouk 
    Ken Sent Me
  • Earl Jeffers 
    Pleasure Signal
  • Stefan Ringer
    Bounce Number 3
  • Renato P 
    Lookin' 4 Jazz
  • Hugo
  • Unknown
    Earls Boom
  • Ten Thousand Yen
    Drop It On Em
  • Steven B.C., Vrrs 
    House Will Remember
  • Lone 
  • TRP 
  • Fonda Rae
    Living In Ecstacy
  • Alex 
    I Gotta Feel Something