Live now

Loose Bones

London, 21.12.15

NTS hosts since early doors, Loose Bones take you on a freewheeling trip through filmic soundscapes, psychedelia, vintage experimentalism, fuzzed out rock and other esoteric surprises. Every single month.


  • Belbury Poly 
    Farmer's Angle
  • The Focus Group
    Kinky Corner Club
  • Bruce Haak
    I Like Christmas
  • Alan Vaga
  • J.J. Burnel 
  • The Residents 
    Mans World
  • The Baroques 
    Mary Jane
  • The Stranglers 
    Golden Brown
  • Desperate Bicycles
    Blasting Radio
  • Il Y A Volskwagons
    Kill Myself
  • Petticoats 
  • Devil Holes Gang
    Something To Look Forward
  • The Blitz 
    We're OK So You
  • The Reducers 
    Things Go Wrong
  • Physik Volts
    Totally Useless
  • Mekons 
    32 Weeks
  • Patrik Fitzgerald 
    Animal Mentality
  • Performing Ferret Band 
    Bar Room
  • Scott Bartlett
    Off On
  • Kallabris 
    Shanghai 45
  • Sinister Family
    Club Foot
  • End Of Data 
    Jungle Soho
  • Del Byzanteens
    Lies To Live By
  • Zounds 
  • Live Skull
    Pusher Man
  • Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch 
    I Dreamed I Dream
  • Gang Of Four 
  • The Contortions 
  • The Lounge Lizards 
    Do The Wrong Thing
  • Patrik Fitzgerald
    One Small Soldier
  • Half Japanese 
    Every Hour
  • Television Personalities 
    Three Wishes
  • Ronnie Scott
    Sad Bird
  • Gun Club
    Mother Of Earth