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Los Hitters w/ Éntienne Trinidad (Rambo Boy$ France)

Oakland, 01.12.20

Los Hitters is the collective partnership of Joe Cristando (Couple Two T’ree) and Rene Lopez (Suavecito Souldies). A collaboration that links the two from Brooklyn, NY to Oakland, CA. Their mixes focus on soul sounds comprised of their vinyl collection.


  • The Expos 
    Your Best Friend And Me
  • Darling Dears
    I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Love Another
  • Clarence Glover 
    Keep Your Promises
  • Sambo 
    I Am Tired Of Going On
  • JImmy Ross & Natural Love 
    Goodbye My Love
  • Hot Chocolate 
    We Had True Love
  • Max Infinity 
    You Got Me Going Going (Part 1)
  • The End Results Reminiscing
    The End Results Reminiscing
  • Roshell Anderson 
    Grapevine Will Lie Sometimes
  • Victor Green
    San Francisco Bicentennial Blues
  • Dolly Gilmore
    Jealous Love
  • Gary, The Browns 
    Promise Of A Better World
  • Betty Lavette 
  • Georgette Blu 
    You Had A Dream
  • Von Ryans Express 
    Rules Of Love
  • Rudy Negron
    Who ?
  • Pleasure Seekers 
    Just For You
  • Agression
    You Are My Starship