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Los Hitters w/ Flipside Lovers

Oakland, 30.11.21

Los Hitters is the collective partnership of Joe Cristando (Couple Two T’ree) and Rene Lopez (Suavecito Souldies). A collaboration that links the two from Brooklyn, NY to Oakland, CA. Their mixes focus on soul sounds comprised of their vinyl collection.


  • Prince Royals
    Circle Of Life
  • Debonairs
    Why Pick On Me
  • Count & Colony
    That’s The Way It’s Got To Be
  • Gamith 
    Don't Change Me
  • Mickey & Sylvia 
    Because You (Do It To Me Baby)
  • Alex Spearman 
    Stairway To Nowhere
  • Dee and Flo and The Dee-ettes 
    Let's Stay Together
  • Dynamic Five
    Baby, I Need You
  • The Spoilers 
    Sad Man's Land
  • The Barons 
    Kid Stuff
  • Lebron Bros. 
    Don't Be Afraid
  • The Four Sonics 
    The Greatest Love
  • The Lovelles 
    Pretending Dear
  • Bobbi Row & The Englishmen
    Why'd You Put Me On
  • Arthur Alexander 
    I Need You Baby
  • Jessie & The Mel-O-Tones 
    I Loved You Too Much
  • Jack And Jill
    What Did We Do Wrong
  • Bobby Lark
    I WIsh You'd Hang Up
  • Donnie, Lonnie And La-Vorn
    A Woman Who'll Let You Be A Man
  • Helene Smith 
    I'm Controlled By Your Love
  • Jeri & Joe 
    Cold, Cold Love