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Lost Control

Manchester, 18.04.20

The Manchester promoters draw on the annals of acid house history. Turn on and tune in.


  • Reedale Rise 
    Languid Bodies
  • Galcher Lustwerk 
  • The Abstract Eye 
    Whats Real Anymore?
  • Peel Seamus 
  • Starfighterz 
    Flavor 3
  • John Beltran
    Placid Angles
  • Aroy Dee (R-A-G mix) 
    Pure (R-A-G Bass Mix)
  • Johnny Abstract/The Fly Insect
  • Miss Kittin & The Hacker 
    Life On MTV
  • Richard Easel
    Deckard’s Dream
  • Thomas Barnett 
  • Design A Wave
    Weird F (Aroy Dee Edit)
  • Dj Willie Oboe
    Saidas Touch (Channelling EJP (ESP)) A Split Second
  • The Hasbeens 
    Make The World Go Away