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Lost Control

Manchester, 16.10.21

The Manchester promoters draw on the annals of acid house history. Turn on and tune in.


  • Hanna
    The Jaded Joker
  • Planet People
    Reaktor Theory
  • TR One
  • Jordan Passmore
    The Sequencer Knows
  • Gilbert 
    Swamps On Jupiter
  • Titonton Duvanté 
    Such Good Taste
  • Roland Hanna 
    Theme From Cats (Memory)
  • Colonel Abrams 
  • Garrett David 
    Coming In (Too Strong)
  • Alden Terrell
    Wurk It
  • Daniel Wang 
    The Twirl
  • Man-D.A. 
    Not A Dream
  • DJ Oakland
    Pier Jam
  • West Coast Goddess
    I Want U
  • Loods 
  • Rhythmus Günther 
  • Marine Boy 
    Laura Laura
  • 80RTEL
    Suzuki Rides Again