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Louise Chen

London, 09.03.21

With Louise Chen

Parisian party instigator Louise Chen pulls from a timeless well of classic & modern house, disco, soul, pop, & more.


  • Amanda & Karim
    Squala 4.2 (Natural/Electronic System. Remix)
  • Bambounou
  • Gary Martin 
    City At Night
  • DJ SunRoof 
  • Ben Hixon
  • Point Guard (PMA mix) 
    Motions (PMA remix)
  • AceMo
    Ancestor Beat
  • Bakey 
  • Ben Hawke
    Ain’t Bad
  • Stones Taro 
    Word Rush
  • Panooc (Michael Magnan, Physical Therapy mix) 
    Chem Trails
  • Rafiki
    Bones Les Eaux
  • Mr. G 
    Ease Ya Mind (Mango Boys Dub)
  • Moma Ready
    We Love Music Dub
  • Galcher Lustwerk 
    Speed (Instrumental)