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The Low Bias Show

London, 29.09.19

The Low Bias Show finds old allies Dustin and jnrknight in the control cabin embarking on a monthly sonic odyssey: subterranean tunes through to star-studded psych and pounding industrial cityscapes.

Show artwork by Bella Marrin.


  • Sudden Afternoon 
    Sea Of Life
  • Narwal
    02. “Ademtocht”
  • Rising Sun (Convextion mix) 
    Nostalgia (Convextion Remix)
  • Chris & Cosey
    04. “Dr John (Sleeping Stephen)”
  • Harald Groskopf
    05. “Trauma”
  • Morphosis 
    Dirty Matter
  • Jules Venturini
    07. “Selector’s Role”