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Low Income $quad

Zagreb, 18.11.21

Croatian DIY label Low Income $quad showcase their catalogue and extended family of producers - Expect neo trance sounds, reworked Memphis rap acapellas, 90s-inspired fast techno and noisy experimentalism.


  • Bad Boy Chiller Crew 
    German Engineering
  • Agent X 
    Killahertz V.I.P
  • Kev Koko & Bauernfeind Feat. Pashanim
    Pushe Packs
  • Sowhy3
    At The Function
  • Moní Moní
    Mystifying Cortex
  • SZCH
    Never Fold
  • Captive 
    Dub Wise
  • Tight Control 
    The Way Forward
  • EQ (DJ SS mix) 
    Total Extacy 93
  • Strahinja Arbutina
    Every Single Thing
  • Borderline Ballett
    Oj Da Juiceman X 703XXX
  • А. Дубровский 
    Хорошо Что Ты Здесь
  • Shaman Fight Club
  • Bay B Kane 
    Pure Shot A Lick
  • ERAM 
    Play This Broken Beat Shit For Me
  • Juggler 
  • Vitamin 
    Muffin' In Mokum
  • Genetic Waste 
  • Claire's Accessories
    Affection For The Clinical
  • Dj Break Da Law
  • C-Type