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Lung Dart

London, 25.04.22

With Lung Dart

Lung Dart take over the NTS airwaves every fourth Monday at 10pm. Playing chopped & screwed, ambient, pop, experimental and more.


  • Lung Dart
    Phone Recording, Shouting Oo With A Kid In Joshua Tree National Park
  • Ulysses Jenkins & The Othervisions Art Band
    Telematic Performance At EZTV West Hollywood 1990
  • Harrison Birtwistle 
    The Moth Requiem
  • Prayer
    Next To Death
  • Jeff T Byrd 
    Looking For A Man
  • Claire Rousay 
    Everything Perfect Is Already Here
  • Valentina Goncharova, Sergey Letov 
    Untitled II
  • Atte Elias Kantonen 
    Pan Dub
  • Branko Mataja 
    Tesko Mi Je Zaboravit Tebe / It's Hard To Forget You
  • Charles Stepney 
    Step On Step
  • Francis Bebey 
    Whistling To The Sea
  • Bobby Boyd 
    To Be In Love With Yourself
  • Zach Phillips & Cohort
    End Of The World (Kent-Dee) , Omihachiman W. Junko Harada & Aiko Sakamoto
  • Adela Mede 
    Na Jar Sa Všetko Roztopí
  • I Am Just A Pupil 
    Wedding March