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Intearnetradio w/ Lyzza & th4ys

Amsterdam, 17.06.20

Intearnet Radio is a monthly show hosted and/or curated by LYZZA ; a DJ, Producer and Vocalist based in Amsterdam via Brazil. Showcasing you her favorite contemporary, underground and not so underground selections off the internet, beats so good they could make you cry.


  • Aggromance
    Crystal Castro II
  • Desire Marea 
    Tavern Kween
  • Abra
  • Anz 
    No Harm
  • Mc Dricka
    Empurra Empurra
  • Mc Zoio De Gato
    Fabrica De Bico
  • Mc Bob Boladão
    A Ocasião Faz O Ladrão
  • MC Ingrid
    Vem Me Satisfazer
  • Vhoor
  • Dkvpz
    Você Me Vira A Cabeça
  • Larinha
    Empurra Empurra
  • Juju Rude
    Marginal Adidas
  • Klein 
    Listen And See As They Take
  • Kyo, Jeuru 
    To All My Future Lovers
  • bod [包家巷] 
    I Don't Want This To Stop