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One Glove w/ Macca

London, 22.11.20

Stay left and take a trip with an hour of eclectic cuts from the other scouser called Macca. A low-key affair with big soul. ONE GLOVE!!!


  • Bolts
  • Goya Gumbani & Oliver Palfreyman Feat. George Riley
    Fight For Love
  • MC Nelson
  • Lukid 
    A Smart Girl
  • Tre'bore & They Call Me Raptor
    Dreamworks (Aratita Electronik Jazz Quintet Remix)
  • Eerf Evil & Srigala
    See Us Live
  • Reginald Omas Mamode IV 
    400 Years
  • Oliver Palfreyman Feat. George Riley
    Just A Taste/Just A Phase
  • DNCN
  • Maylee Todd
    No Other
  • Shungu Feat. Dreamcast
  • Lute 
    Still Slummin
  • NuTribe
    Bludmoon (Yes R Kid)
  • Jenna Camille
    My Country, My Love
  • Monophonics 
    Like Yesterday
  • Andrés 
    Allegria de Vino
  • George Fields Feat Last Jazz Club
  • John Carroll Kirby Feat. Eddie Chacon & Nailah Hunter