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Maria Somerville

Galway, 16.12.20

With Maria Somerville

Irish avant pop artist Maria Somerville traverses heady concepts through classic pop, ambient, experimental, spoken word, & field recordings.


  • Enedictines Of Santo Domingo
    Regina Caeli
  • Unknown
    Dream States
  • Sharon Salzberg Talk
    The Practice Of Loving Kindness
  • AV Moves 
  • Domenique Dumont 
    Gone For A Wander
  • Nocturnal Emissions 
    Power Of Love
  • Anne Briggs
  • Laila Sakini 
    Towards The Opaline Sky
  • The Fall 
    Living Too Late
  • Kitchen Cynics 
    Mistress Forsyth's jump
  • Ivor Cutler 
    Beautiful Cosmos
  • Bar Italia
    Sky Linny
  • Karen Beth 
    Nothing Lasts
  • Frog Of Earth 
    Not Too Much
  • Lucrecia Dalt
    Illness As A Metaphor
  • Blue Gene Tyranny
    A Letter From Home
  • Scribble 
    Mother Of Pearl
  • Flowers 
    Paradise Lost (Instrumental)
  • Enya 
    Only Time