Live now

Mark Leckey

London, 05.02.19

Contemporary British AV artist, collagist, and NTS host Mark Leckey takes to the airwaves to play oddities from his collection. Everything from doo-wop to gabber.


  • Emmett Williams 
    Four-directional Song Of Doubt For Five Voices
  • Robert Ashley 
    The Angel Of Loneliness
  • Laurie Anderson 
    Let X = X
  • Unknown
    Three Blind Mice On The Drums
  • Todd Rundgren 
    You Don't Have To Camp Around
  • Jim Pepper 
    Witchi Tai To
  • English Congregation
    Softly Whispering I Love You
  • Todd Rundgren 
    I Don't Want To Tie You Down
  • Bobby Brown
    I'm Bolieve (Axonda Jesus Tech Proves God)
  • Steve Vai 
    Little Green Men
  • Frank Zappa 
    Call Any Vegetable
  • Lothar And The Hand People 
    It Comes On Anyhow
  • Gong 
    Dreaming It
  • Roxy Music 
    If There Is Something (Live)
  • David Bowie 
    A Lad In Vain
  • David Bowie 
    Memory Of A Free Festival Part 1