London, 12.06.19

Record maker, player and mixer Martelo - not Martello - joins the musical dots with sonic heat from across the globe. Taking us to hip-hop, RnB, electronica and elsewhere, Martelo keeps it tight and keeps the heat: non-stop classics.


  • Strategy
    The World Is Mine Feat Everly
  • Seb Wildblood feat. Mauv
    Thought For Food Ft Mauv
  • Marquis Hawkes And DJ Haus
    Feel So Real
  • Tyler, The Creator
    I Think
  • Missy Elliott, Ludacris feat. Ludacris
    Gossip Folks (Instrumental)
  • Unknown Artist
  • R.O.S.H.
    The Height Of The Bar
  • Octavian
    Stressed (Dirty)
  • Joe Armon-Jones
    Icy Roads (Stacked)
  • Unknown Artist
  • Chavinski
    Colours Of You
  • Kiana Ledé
    Can I
  • Wiley
    He Don't Wanna
  • Bas, JID
    Fried Rice
  • FD ( Byron The Aquarius mix )
    Ice Cream (Byron The Aquarius Remix)
  • Vikter Dupleix
  • Vikter Duplaix
    Manhood (Vikter's Remix Vocal)
  • DJ Delish
    Bring A Friend

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