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London, 18.03.20

Record maker, player and mixer Martelo - not Martello - joins the musical dots with sonic heat from across the globe. Taking us to hip-hop, RnB, electronica and elsewhere, Martelo keeps it tight and keeps the heat: non-stop classics.


  • Jay Electronica feat. Travis Scott 
    The Blinding
  • Natureboy Flako 
  • DJ FLP 
    Save File (feat Joon)
  • Khalifah
    Chupid Girl
  • Casement
  • Jasmine Knight
    Lover Boy
  • Nikka Costa 
    Like A Feather
  • Pelle Rock
    Rock Boat Rain
  • Jhelisa (Ashley Beedle mix) 
    Friendly Pressure (The Enemy Release Mix)
  • Hercules And Love Affair 
  • Marc Houle
    Marc Houle
  • Roman Rodney 
    Triple Beat
  • Girls Of The Internet
    Humble (12” Disco Mix)
  • Dips & Lo-Wu
    Teach You Something (Feat. K The Infinite)
  • New Look 
    Janet (He Doesn't Know I'm Alive)