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Martha w/ Poppy

London, 14.05.21

Around the world and across the spectrum of electronic music with south London based DJ and sound artist, Martha.


  • Nolay
    You Don't Know
  • KTM
    Lightening Strike
  • Queenie
    One Thing
  • Quest?Onmarq
    Chasing The Sun (06h00 Mix)
  • RV Feat. Abra Cadabra
  • TSVI 
  • Simon "Bassline" Smith (Aphrodite mix) 
    Hypnosis (Aphrodites Rmx)
  • Amazon II 
    Deep In The Jungle
  • DJ Aphrodite, Urban Shakedown 
    You Take Me Up (Exclusive Remix)
  • Aladdin Feat Aphrodite
    Geni (In The Lamp Mix)
  • Aphrodite 
    Solar Flare
  • DJ Aphrodite
    Sub Groove
  • Shay D Feat. P Money
    Slice Of The Pie
  • Lakewest 
    Ignore What I Just Did
  • Low End Activist
    Curtain Twitcher
  • PS Hitsquad X Giggs
  • TSVI feat. Randomer 
  • Kezia Feat. NAYANA IZ