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Martha w/ Sobolik

London, 20.08.21

Martha is a DJ and broadcaster from South London with roots in community radio and documentary making. Each of Martha’s thoughtfully curated radio shows navigate the fringes of electronic music, with a clear narrative that is grounded in community and storytelling.


  • Sobolik
    Call (Hold Mix) Sobolik
  • Sobolik
    Locked Out Sobolik
  • Sobolik
    Ski Tool
  • Diessa
    Fuck Me (Sobolik Remix) Sobolik
  • Simon "Bassline" Smith (Aphrodite mix) 
    Hypnosis (Aphrodites Rmx)
  • Amazon II 
    Deep In The Jungle
  • DJ Aphrodite, Urban Shakedown 
    You Take Me Up (Exclusive Remix)
  • Aladdin Feat Aphrodite
    Geni (In The Lamp Mix)
  • Aphrodite 
    Solar Flare
  • DJ Aphrodite
    Sub Groove Nueen
  • Acemo
    Deep Down (Don’t Drown)
  • Perila
    Can We Just Be Real
  • DJ Paradise feat. Zoe Darsee 
    Reality Beat
  • Crosspolar
    Aura Roll
  • Bruised Skies & Thugwidow