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Martha w/ Paurro

London, 02.07.21

Martha is a DJ and broadcaster from South London with roots in community radio and documentary making. Each of Martha’s thoughtfully curated radio shows navigate the fringes of electronic music, with a clear narrative that is grounded in community and storytelling.


  • Paraadiso 
    Axis Mundi
  • Flohio 
    Stuck in a Dance
  • Depression (Daffy mix) 
    No Escape From The System
  • Bailey Ibbs 
    I'll Always
  • M.I.C & NAMMY WAMS Feat. Jawnino & Jme
  • Sobolik
  • Talik
    Sound Of Your Shadow
  • Bone Dance
    Carlton Doom, Chris Hanna
  • Avision 
    All Groove
  • Bell Towers 
    Sexual Intruder Alert
  • DJ Gigola & Kev Koko
  • Al Ferox 
    Tanz Der Vampire
  • Pal
    Gran Torino
  • Viers 
    Dolphin Telephone
  • Diessa
    Further And Further And Further And Further And
  • Holloway 
    Take It Easy
  • Llyr 
    The Hawthorne Effect
  • Audiobooks (LCY mix) 
    The Doll (LCY Remix)
  • Saoirse