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Meuko! Meuko! w/ Trouble3p & Jing (Kikiwawa)

Taipei, 19.07.21

With Meuko! Meuko!

Not only did the pandemic fatefully gather them in Taipei, but a shared love of music drew them together to form a unit. Originally comfortable in their respective fields, the members understood that differences were necessary in order to make breakthroughs, and thus launched Kikiwawa with an embrace of diversity.

Music has no boundaries—— Kikiwawa hopes to inject creativity into the sound and vision of events so that people can feel the sensation of multiplicity and enkindle a musical environment with ever-more vitality;

To normalize an inclusive attitude towards "diversity", and cultivate Taiwan's continued exposure to different facets of electronic music. And to let people know that fun can exist outside of the mainstream in other forms.

Troubl3p is a promoter from Taipei and member of the Kikiwawa party collective, and is a mainstay DJ and event promoter at FINAL Taipei.

Jing started to further interrogate electronic music's possibilities in sound and language. As "Jing", Lin draws inspiration from a diverse set of sounds ranging from New Wave, Hip-Hop, and Disco, to Techno, House, and experimental electronic music.


  • Charity Ssb
    NIC3 2 MEET U
  • Yung Lean 
    Yoshi City
  • Personalbrand
    EXIGENCY (Feat. Szu Hsien)
  • Young Thug & Gunna
    Slatty (Feat. Yak Gotti & Lil Duke)
  • MM
    Shape In The Glass
  • LUDU
  • Sandy Limbo
    Fa Shiau
  • RICHBOI 周譽
    When Your Love Is Gone
  • R000000M
    PAIN (фанкшн Remix)
  • K-HOW高浩哲
  • Finesse'Boy & BADBOYRACOG
    冷酷城市 ICE COLD CITY(Prod. By Rollmeajointyella)
  • Async Figure
    Waking World
  • Anteye蟻眸
    SUNSET|夕陽產業 Ft. Losty (Prod.TST)
  • NSRB11
    Living Wage
  • Yung Chiao 永喬
    在無人的森林裡照顧好你然後生存下去 (Jing Electro Mix)
  • Haider
    Maracuja (Original Mix)
  • Mrs Acid 郵票小姐
  • Bobby Cazanova 
    Shadow Systems
  • 李雨寰
    熱戀 Cocktail 12
  • RED LEE 李紅
  • Mrs Acid 郵票小姐