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Meuko! Meuko! w/ TRIXYTRICKS

Taipei, 31.01.22

With Meuko! Meuko!

TRIXYTRICKS (@trixytricks / all pronouns) is a multidisciplinary artist with special interest in the collision and dilution of genres, disciplines and established systems. The research Trix carries out before the production of any piece, set or event, involves the exploration of ambivalences and dualities that make up her influences and internal conflicts. Being a transectional feminist, they’re interested in bringing up the community of emerging and dissident artists together. She has created several events as @n1ghtn01se to embrace a more diverse and inclusive view on club events. Their curatorial experience has led them to organize multidisciplinary events without genres nor audience restrictions apart from a strict no-harassment policy. As a DJ, their mixes include different genres, apparently unconnected, to embrace new sounds in the form of mashups and remixes. Their major influence comes from the recollection of electronic music and regional sounds from around the globe, mixing both music prior to the internet era, with current artists that are also interested in deconstructed club sounds. As a composer, singer and performer, together with producer Diego San Marcos, they have created Allheart as a duo that will soon release their first EP of Spanglish “Makina” sound. This style includes influences such as Gabber, Hardstyle, Trance, Acid, Nightcore, Donk that Allheart has put together in pieces that sound like we are back in the 90s rave scene.

For this set with Meuko! Meuko! at NTS, TRIXYTRICKS has chosen to investigate the Spanish heritage of spiritual and folklore music throughout its history, usually associated with religion. Through pulling out the essence of the different percussion of regional traditions and rhythms, she looks for parallelisms in the Electronic, Bakalao and Makina culture where the major clubs were considered temples of their devotion. As a kid, her grandparents, from rural areas, introduced her to regional traditions, dance and music from the North, Center and South East of Spain. Spirituality, nature, energy and science have always been a constant in her mindset and her go-to whenever finding inspiration. While growing, this thirst of music exploded with the internet access as a teenager and discovered through the internet sounds such as Eurodance, Makina and Hardcore. Soon, she became interested in developing new electronic sounds and recorded CDs to DJ at their friend’s parties with two bookshelf stereo systems to be able to mix. A trip into the Spanish story before the country even existed, to remind us we were already here, we were all connected by sounds and we continue to look for ways to be reunited around music. The mix includes sounds from religious ceremonies, pagan traditions, folklore and popular sounds mixed with the sounds from contemporary female producers and lgbtqia+ artists.The realities of witches condemned to fire, workers crossing the ocean looking for a brighter future, popular music during the war to take people’s minds off reality, and generations of youngsters taking drugs and getting lost to them in the bass; becomes one, melted, as the story of TRIXYTRICK’s culture and heritage, as the story of survival through music.


  • Kilbourne 
  • Odete
  • Nahshi X MC GW
    Klapaucius (Kebra Mashup)
  • Estoc
  • Dj Caësar
    Bass Q Lento Hard
  • Ziúr 
    Isn’t No Place And All Places The Same Place
  • Allheart
  • Estoc
  • Robie
    Me Cansé De Ti
  • Robzzz
    Peluxito (Remix)
  • Koffee X 7038634357 X Dj Pausas & Dj Fofuxo
    A Toast To The Exxelent And Angelic
  • Alan Neil
  • Precolumbian X Estoc
    Cajita Club Tool
  • Inner Rage, Miss Tempo 
    Get Your Ass Up
  • Miss Tempo
    The Hum ( Miss Tempo Bootleg )
  • China Patiño
  • Dj Tralla
    Uptempo Mashup 4.0
  • Dyprax, Bodyshock 
  • Miss Tempo
    Scratch Game 2021 EDIT
  • April Bourne
    Crying In The Club
  • Bea Pelea X Suave44
  • DJ Lady Dana
    Cosmic Evolution
  • Payaso Dimensional
    Gothik Metal Meets Flamenko
  • Hocus Pocus 
    Bow Chi Bow (Viscious Butterdrops Mix)
  • DJ Lady Dana
    Hardstyle God
  • Astrid Gnosis
  • Robie
  • Hocus Pocus 
    Hocus Pocus (The Gabbertaric Verses)
  • Korsakoff & Decipher
    Dance With Me (Bootleg)
  • Liza N'Eliaz 
    Silicon Skin
  • Plasaporros
    KUSHA LAS PAYA (Remix)
  • DJ Tralla
    Bienvenidos Al Planeta De Las Fiestas!