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Meuko! Meuko!

Taipei, 08.11.21

With Meuko! Meuko!

A monthly hour of warped, percussive and pulsating selections. Punctuated with original productions and unreleased material from producer, singer and DJ Meuko! Meuko!


  • Murcof 
    Louis XIV's Demons
  • DJ Spooky Vs. The Freight Elevator Quartet
    File Under Futurism
  • Lanark Artefax 
    Corra Linn
  • Boom Boom Satellites 
    Scatterin' Monkey
  • Prodigy 
  • Slikback & Exploited Body
  • Bonanza
  • A.R.E. Weapons 
    Black Mercedes
  • Trngs
    I'm Too Sentient For My Own Wellbeing
  • Buffalo Daughter 
    Chihuahua Punk
  • Acre
    ??? (Unrelesed)