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Meuko! Meuko! w/ Yes No Wave

Taipei, 09.12.19

With Meuko! Meuko!

Yes No Wave Music is a netlabel based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Started in 2007 the label has been releasing 100 genre-bending albums including debut EP of Senyawa and Gabber Modus Operandi. This mix shows the current musical practices of traditional forms and their contemporary development in various ways and approaches including responses to injustice conditions. Raego ritual from Central Sulawesi consist of dance in a circle and sang in an ancient language while the Taluart -from the same region is a new performance art initiative played by a group of blacksmith workers. East Javanese Patrol music evolved from a mixture of various traditional percussions and pop music. Inspired by these energy, transcendental expression, improvisational folk art and history, experimental bands ZOO and Raja Kirik pushes the traditional limits into contemporary approaches and contexts.

Tracks taken from Gugus Gema, Aural Archipelago and Yes No Wave Music websites. Expanded Sounds of Indonesian Rites :


  • Agakana
  • Raego
    Kaili Village Community
  • Musik Patrol Medley
    Banyuwangi Putra
  • Taluart
  • Jaran-Jaran Ucul (Running Horses
    Raja Kirik
  • Migrating Silver Stars (Demo
    Shrine Of Floating Gods
  • Cepo
    Anu 阿努
  • 島嶼城市, 咱 The Island, The City, And We
    Human Beings
  • 1994
    S.L.O. 零與聲音解放組織
  • Unknown Artist
    Papa's Dying
  • Unknown Artist
  • Unknown Artist
    The Close-Fear Of The Heart
  • Unknown Artist
    天語樂軒 第十四陣