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Machines of Loving Grace w/ Midwife

Denver, 30.06.23

With Midwife

Midwife’s multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Madeline Johnston presents “Machines of Loving Grace,” a monthly transmission featuring her new finds and old favorites with a focus on the golden age of DIY community, cosmic sentimentalism, world music, and experimental pop. “Machines of Loving Grace” is a gateway into Johnston’s process and personal soundtrack.

Inspired by the Richard Brautigan poem, Midwife’s curated playlists explore the idea of “a cybernetic ecology;” acoustic and electronic sources reflect on our humanity as well as our animalistic nature in the context of a digital landscape.


  • 0:00:00
    Quiet Eyes
  • 0:05:40
    Russian Tsarlag 
    Along the Way
  • 0:10:29
    Mica Levi 
    A Plain Clothed Jimi Hendrix Drives Me To Newcastle. For Some Reason The Trip Will Take 3 Days And He Is Going To Do It For £150. He Drives Really Smoothly And Only Listens To One Album Which Is By Someone With Joy In Their Name
  • Secret Boyfriend 
    Dripping Door
  • Björk 
  • Panchiko
  • Windy & Carl 
  • Windy & Carl 
  • Inspired School Of Astral Music 
  • Silver Movie
    Alex Metal
  • Anno 
    77 (Here Comes The Feeling)
  • Glow In The Dark Flowers 
    When The Leaves Have Fallen