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Mikey Young

Melbourne, 04.03.20

With Mikey Young

Mikey Young of Total Control and Eddie Current Suppression Ring plays a selection of 60's and 70's soft rock…


  • Shoot 
    Living Blind
  • Ron Cornelius
    I’ve Lost My Faith In Everything But You
  • Hoover 
    Leave That For Memories
  • Diez & Bischof 
    Salon Imaginaire
  • Wow 
    Occhi Di Serpente
  • Klan Aileen
  • Nits 
    Jardin D'Hiver
  • Old And New Dreams
    Song For The Whales
  • Aztec Two-Step 
    Highway Song
  • Michels 
    Waiting For The Spring
  • Fera 
    Caliber Harp
  • Mooseheart Faith 
    Golden Light