Mild Animals

Los Angeles, 04.10.19

Stick jazz, psych, and hip-hop in a pot and give it a whirl. Mild Animals ease in the weekend.


  • Ruud Bos
    Model Session
  • Cynt The Shrimp
    Purple Ribbon (Interlude)
  • Donald Byrd ( Dave Hassinger, Val Christian Garay mix )
    Stepping Into Tomorrow
  • Hive
    Mood Swings (Act II)
  • Koma Saxo
    Port Koma
  • Rod Taylor
    King David, Salomon, Moses (Aka Ethiopian Kings) (Discomix)
  • Black Nile
    Revival (Feat Tru)
  • Free The Robots
  • Comfort Fit
    The Holy Moment
  • Elusive
    Time Crystal (Feat Todd Simon)
  • 50 Cent
    Hold On
  • Seenmr
    Da Da Da
  • Father's Children
    Everybody's Got A Problem
  • O.C.
    Time's Up
  • Richard Demaria
    Next Episode
  • Dillinger
    Cocaine In My Brain
  • Atmosfear ( Sojka, Pike mix )
    Dancing In Outer Space
  • J.I.D.
    151 Rum
  • Dj Babu
  • Pixl Pyrmd
  • Genghis Kyle & The Horde
    Bakit Ba
  • Petter Eldh
    Sport Koma
  • Jacky Giordano
    Betelgueuze In The Sky
  • Angelika Mann
  • Stranger Cole
    These Eyes (aka Crying Every Night)
  • Knx.
  • Pusha T
    Numbers On The Boards
  • MED, Blu, Madlib feat. Aloe Blacc
    Drive In
  • The Alkaholiks
    Hip Hop Junkies
  • Susana Estrada
    ¡Gózame Ya!
  • Sly & The Family Stone
    Runnin' Away (Single Version)
  • James Chance & The Contortions
    Roving Eye
  • Ural Thomas & The Pain
    Smoldering Fire
  • Jeanette
    L'Amour Joue Au Violon

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