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Mishka w/ Lay-Far

Los Angeles, 08.11.21

This mix features tracks from my friends and peers based in or coming from Russia, current favourites, unreleased exclusives and personal forthcoming releases including a new single "Rock You Hard (Мой Бит)” (out on 12.11.21) from my forthcoming 2022 album.


  • Boorane Feat. Lay-Far
    NotOutro (Unreleased)
  • Phil Gerus
    Pass It Through Mes
  • Ponty Mython 
    Onimano X991
  • Scruscru, Mike Fot 
    Lazy Daydreaming
  • Nikolay Sunak
    Uje Ne Bol'no
  • Lay-Far
    My Heart Says
  • BRTS
    Stash Spot‘S
  • Krane
    BADTOY (Unreleased)
  • Lay-Far
    Rock You Hard (Мой Бит)
  • MDCL & Andre Espeut
    Sunrays (Lay-Far Remix)
  • Raw Takes 
    Murder Dog Magazine
  • Mix Master Kutyma
    Snitok Beats After Hours (Eazy Sup3rvizer Mix)
  • Manao X Soft Grunge
    Zero Ft. Dj Fuckoff (Raw Takes Remix)
  • Greenwald
    Hey! (Unreleased)
  • Taly & Smith feat. BRTS 
    Liquid City Jungle (ft. BRTS)
  • Krane
    Dubishe (Unreleased)