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Mistress Rebecca's World

London, 18.03.18

For the fourth episode of Mistress Rebecca's World you will be transported into a consensual obligation to sign her contract. This will be followed by the sounds of a man who thinks he is worthy enough to become art - an arrogance none of us should have to have to endure, Wormy reciting a poem he wrote to his Mistress and a conversation with 'The Joker' aka PorscheGuy911.


  • Mistress Rebecca
    Her Contract
  • Quest 
    Mind Games (Underground Mix)
  • Grace Jones 
    Private Life
  • Honey Bain
    Girl On The Run
  • Mistress Rebecca
    'you Think You're Good Enough To Be Considered 'art'?'
  • David Ruffin 
    Statue Of A Fool
  • Ohio Players 
  • Fern Kinney 
    Love Me Tonight
  • Tony Burello 
    There's A New Sound
  • Mistress Rebecca
    Wormy's Poem
  • Bob Cobbing 
  • Apollonia 6 
    Sex Shooter
  • Flipper 
    Ha Ha Ha
  • Taana Gardner 
    Heartbeat (Club Version)
  • Lesley Gore 
    You Don't Own Me