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Mixed Fruit w/ Eddie Bermuda & House of Pris (Concreta Sala)

Los Angeles, 04.11.20

Eddie Jr & friends trading sounds for 120 minutes monthly, committed to their own rhythm & tempo.


  • Poolside
    Kinda Lovely (Brijean Remix)
  • Kenix, Bobby Youngblood feat. Bobby Youngblood 
    There's Never Been (No One Like You) (Long Version)
  • Logg 
    Dancing Into The Stars
  • Dedication 
    I Ain't Gonna Tell You (Original Version)
  • Ron Basejam
    Love Don’t Wait
  • Harrison
    Keep On Loving Me
  • Morris Day & The Time
    The WalkImagination
  • Arthur Russell 
    Make 1, 2
  • Donzii 
  • Omar Apollo
    Hey Boy Ft. Kali Uchis (S L O W E D)
  • Space Ghost 
    Aquarium Nightclub
  • Ojerime Smith
    Give It Up 2 Me
  • Poco Usual
    In You
  • Anuu
    Midnight Boogie