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Mosca w/ Rian Treanor

London, 19.06.19

With Mosca, Rian Treanor

Mosca runs underground club music inspired by tunes from all over: dub, house, techno, grime and jungle, as well as East coast hip hop, South African house, Shaolin soul, indie and post-rock from his youth, first-wave electro, stripped down ragga and dancehall, a little minimal ghetto stuff, and more. On top of that he's racked up some pretty big guest mixes in past shows.


  • De Grandi 
    Ah Ouais Hein
  • Claro Intelecto
    Messages (Mosca Edit)
  • Squane
    Crossed Wires (Mosca Edit)
  • Amazondotcom 
    A Flower, Nocturnal and Permanent
  • Paleman 
    Worm Field
  • NKC 
  • Metrist
    OB Lopes (Mosca Edit)
  • Gescom 
  • Harrga 
  • Aci_Edits 
  • Sophia Saze
    Volk (волк)
  • Metome
    Itch Stopping (Mosca Edit)
  • Mahjun 
    Nous Ouvrirons Les Casernes
  • Ron Browz
    Pray For Enemiez (Feat. Belly & Dyce Payso) (Instrumental)
  • SDEM 
  • Ry Cooder 
    Paris, Texas
  • Sunburned Hand Of The Man 
    Loft At Sea
  • Faugust 
    Parallel Rave Fantasies
  • Shine Grooves
    Underwater Horror
  • Bas Amro 
  • PTTRN 
    Opposite 2
  • Reeko, Psyk 
    Withstand The Light Of Day
  • Blawan
    Careless (Mosca Edit)
  • Two Lone Swordsmen
    Circulation (Mosca Edit)
  • Marcel Dettmann
    Shatter Proof (Original Mix)
  • The Bug feat. Flowdan, Killa P (Autechre mix) 
    Skeng (Autechre Remix)
  • Aasthma 
    Das wars dann Leute
  • Bogdan Raczynski 
    318 22t7
  • Metrakit
  • Sisso 
    Biti No-7
  • Metrakit
  • Sisso 
    Biti No-15
  • Bogdan Raczynski 
    306 41dr
  • Warrego Valles
  • William Fields 
    Sensorium Massage
  • William Fields 
    Wookie Flex
  • Nebulo 
  • Helm 
    Body Rushes
  • Jlin
    Little Black Book (Kronos Quartet)