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Mosca w/ NKC & Bine

London, 06.11.19

With Mosca

Mosca runs underground club music inspired by tunes from all over: dub, house, techno, grime and jungle, as well as East coast hip hop, South African house, Shaolin soul, indie and post-rock from his youth, first-wave electro, stripped down ragga and dancehall, a little minimal ghetto stuff, and more. On top of that he's racked up some pretty big guest mixes in past shows.


  • Leftfield 
  • Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood 
    Some Velvet Morning
  • Mark Fell, Drumming Grupo De Percussão 
  • Max Graef
    Lozt Feat. Ludi (Shamos Remix) [Forthcoming On Tartelet]
  • The No-Neck Blues Band 
  • Giant Swan
    Not A Crossing [Forthcoming On Keck]
  • Tippa Lee 
    Down In The Ghetto
  • The Stooges 
    I Wanna Be Your Dog
  • Ron Browz
    Betty [Ether Boy]
  • Heith & Weightausend
    Pantaibira [Forthcoming On Saucers]
  • Heith & Weightausend
    Mower [Forthcoming On Saucers]
  • Wheal
    Ecifircas [Unreleased]
  • Blackboy
    What You Want (Mosca Edit) [Jammin']
  • Mikkel Metal (Marcel Dettmann mix) 
    Kenton (Marcel Dettmann Rmx)
  • Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir (Skudge mix) 
    The Floor Filler (Skudge’s Floor Killer Remix)
  • Karenn
    Raz (Mosca Edit) [Forthcoming On Voam]
  • Helix
    Stereo Track
  • Peter Van Hoesen
    Octosession 001 [Forthcoming 0n Time To Express]
  • Henry Greenleaf
    Inch [Forthcoming 0n Glasstalk]
  • Stenny
    BFRB [Forthcoming On Ilian Tape]
  • Skee Mask
    Play Ha [Forthcoming On Ilian Tape]
  • Nasty Jack 
    My Name Is
  • Truncate
    Focus (Mosca Edit) [Truncate]
  • DJ Wire
    Believe Me (Mosca Edit) [White Label]
  • Cylob 
  • Davomakesbeats
    Shadowboxing (NKC Bonus Beats) [Forthcoming On Molly House Records]
  • The Master Musicians Of Dyffryn Moor 
    The Revolting Hypocrisy Of Tory MPs & Ministers Posing For Food Banks. Their Austerity Policies, ‘Welfare Reform’, Delayed Payments & Sanctions Have Engendered Hunger & Destitution. From 42,000 Food Bank Users To 1.2m In 8 Years. Pyromaniacs Taking Selfies At Their Own Fires.
  • M.E.S.H. 
    10 Alarm
  • Moa Pillar 
  • Jock Club
    Mangifera Indica [Unreleased]
  • DJ Nigga Fox 
    Poder Do Vento
  • Mark Broom 
  • NKC
    Gwam Then [Forthcoming…]
  • Martel Ferdan
    Track Compil B [Unreleased]
  • Jock Club
    Track 11 [Unknown]
  • NKC
    Shuvvin Match [Unreleased]
  • Unknown
    Untitled [Even The Strong]
  • Unknown
    Untitled [Even The Strong]
  • NKC
    A To Zdz [Forthcoming…]
  • Unknown
    Untitled [Unreleased]
  • P. Adrix 
    Abertura De Roda
  • Quest?Onmarc
    Shadow [Self-Released]
  • Terror Danjah
    Red Card Riddim Version [Tru Thoughts/Hardrive]
  • Bine
    Napa [Unreleased]
  • Bine
    Lazz [Unreleased]
  • Bine
    Matevž & Ocvirki [Unreleased]
  • Bine
    Brgebu [Unreleased]
  • Bine
    TSK [Unreleased]
  • Bine
    B••B. [Unreleased
  • Bine
    Tapkanje [Unreleased]
  • Bine
    Zokni [Unreleased]
  • Bine
    Neizračunljiva škoda [TT]
  • Bine
    Mozirje [Unreleased]
  • Matter 
  • Mrigo
    Tule Živali Skit [Wudisban Records]