Mosca w/ Franklin de Costa

London, 10.10.18

With Mosca

Mosca runs underground club music inspired by tunes from all over: dub, house, techno, grime and jungle, as well as East coast hip hop, South African house, Shaolin soul, indie and post-rock from his youth, first-wave electro, stripped down ragga and dancehall, a little minimal ghetto stuff, and more. On top of that he's racked up some pretty big guest mixes in past shows.


  • Mosca
    This Branch Is Weak
  • XXX
    It's Your Uncle For Gods Sake
  • Snake Charm
    119_94 Lock
  • Mary Jane Leach
    Semper Dolens
  • Rer Repeter
    Sightless Shifting
  • Objekt
  • M.E.S.H.
    Kritikal & X
  • Cannibal Ox
    Iron Galaxy
  • Young Paint
    Twisty Paint
  • Gillian Welch
    Ruination Day Part 2
  • Impey
  • Lotic
  • Deathprod
  • Domadana Kadodi Performers
    Recording Two
  • Tappa Zukie
    Judge I Oh Lord
  • Andy Havok
  • Shotz
    Pussy Instrumental
  • Syer
  • Skepta
  • Jammer & Footsie
    Bare Right Hooks
  • Lix
  • Skepta Vs Wiley Kat Vs Musical Mob
    D.T.I / Eskimo / Pulse X Mash Up
  • Waifer
    Karma (Instrumental)
  • Slew Dem
    16 Bar Vocal
  • DPM (DJ Mex)
    Ave Some Of That (DPM V.I.P. Vocal Mix)
  • Crazy Titch
    Straight Vocal
  • Shizzle
    Straight Vocal
  • Donae'o
    Straight Vocal
  • DJ Wire
    Believe Me (Remix 1)
  • DJ Wire
    Last Chance (Original Mix)
  • DJ Wire
    Fire Wire
  • Jackstone
    Don't Stop
  • Abaa Cove
    Dads Of Summer
  • Acemo
    Get It From The Sound
  • No Moon
    Acid IX
  • Overmono
    Daisy Chain
  • Bjarki
    Soda Sugarlicious
  • Nasty King Kurl
    Sucka Djs Feat. Kiki
  • Unknown
  • Roy Davis Jr.
    I Have Just Begun!
  • Calix
    Deep Fried Porn
  • Tronik House ( Simon "Bassline" Smith mix )
    Straight Outta Hell (Simon "Bassline" Smith Remix)
  • Ultrahigh
    Der Höllentrip

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