Live now

Mount Analog w/ Mahssa

Los Angeles, 28.12.22

The narrative is bursting with color and impossible to fit into a 60 minute timespan - but here is an effort to both timehop a personal story and nod to a timeless musical vignette of influences and inspiration that spans intensely amongst all corners of the artistic globe: shining bright into film + design + literature + circumstance as much as the sonic palette itself presents. Here’s a little exploration and adventure celebrating both the underbelly of the unknown with all that is beautifully pop.


  • Pierre Ralph
    Jeunes Filles Impudiques (1973/2010, Finders Keepers Records)
  • Aunt Sally 
    Subete Urimono
  • Bonny St. Clair 
    Tame Me Tiger
  • Junie Morrison
    Suzie Thunderpussy (1976, Westbound)
  • J. C. Heavy 
    Mr. Deal
  • Crown’s Clan
    No Place For Our Minds (1970, Polydor)
  • Wool 
    Love, Love, Love, Love, Love
  • The Pawnshop 
    My Shade
  • bar italia 
    Miracle Crush
  • James K 
    Life Of A Fly
  • Comsat Angels
    Total War (1980, Polydor)
  • Moskow 
    Man From UNCLE
  • Plastics, プラスチックス 
    Top Secret Man
  • Slant 6 
    What Kind Of Monster Are You?
  • The Starlite Desperation 
    Hot For Preacher
  • The Pretty Things 
    Come See Me
  • Daisies (Sedmikrasky)
    Main Theme OST (1969/2007 Finders Keepers Records)
  • RIP Swirl 
  • Nation
    She Wanna (2022, Self Released)
  • Pilgrims Of The Mind 
    Smell Zee Flower