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Mount Analog w/ Mahssa

Los Angeles, 08.09.21

The narrative is bursting with color and impossible to fit into a 60 minute timespan - but here is an effort to both timehop a personal story and nod to a timeless musical vignette of influences and inspiration that spans intensely amongst all corners of the artistic globe: shining bright into film + design + literature + circumstance as much as the sonic palette itself presents. Here’s a little exploration and adventure celebrating both the underbelly of the unknown with all that is beautifully pop.


  • He 6 
    아름다운 인형 (Get Ready)
  • Suzanne Ciani 
    Xenon (Long Effects)
  • Human Beings 
    The Matrix
  • Miharu Koshi 
    龍宮城の恋人 [Ryugujyo No Koibito]
  • Omar S Ft John FM
    Ain't No Real Pimps Anymore
  • Heidi Brühl 
  • M. Ashraf Ft Nahid Akhtar
    Good News For You
  • MRR-ADM Ft Malcolm Catto
  • Laila Nazmi
    ما أشربش الشاي
  • Orchestra Kool 
    Tira Jala
  • Roxy Music 
    Do The Strand
  • Nation Of Ulysses 
    A Kid Who Tells On Another Kid Is A Dead Kid
  • Mario Molino 
    Gli Angeli Del 2.000
  • Kati Kovács, Juventus 
    Wind, Komm, Bring Den Regen Her (Add Már Uram Az Esöt)
  • Neslihan 
    Kar Yağar Kar Üstüne
  • Grazia 
    Soyle Beni
  • Dungen 
  • Midsommar 
    Balladen Om Belfast
  • John Glacier 
    If Anything