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Moxie & Telfort

London, 11.09.19

With Moxie, Telfort

Part of the NTS family since day dot, Moxie has held her Wednesday show since the stations first broadcasts. Inviting esteemed guests for interviews & mixes and breaking new, unreleased music, she’s got your Wednesday afternoons covered… Tune in to hear anything from soulful house and disco to rolling techno.


  • Kurt Harmon Project 
    Comin' Back
  • Christopher Rau 
    Weird Alps
  • Telfort, Peopleperson 
    Not In Here
  • Willow
    Untitled A1
  • Afrodeutsche 
    I Know Not What I Do
  • Unknown Artist
    Land, Sky And Sea
  • Mr. YT
    Everything (Brand New, Brand New)
  • Unknown Artist
  • Louf 
    Lost Touch
  • Telfort
    MSR Dub (Unreleased)
  • Margaux 
    Water On Mars
  • Telfort
    Untitled (Unreleased)
  • Omegaman 
    72 Nova
  • Bud Burroughs 
  • Jump Source 
  • Tom VR
    Acheless (Unreleased)
  • Santiago Salazar 
    Smile Now Cry Later
  • Tang 
  • Kumulus 
    Cloud Chaser
  • Matt Karmil
    Breezy (Unreleased)
  • XRoxymore
    Universal Struggle
  • Anunaku
  • Off The Meds
    Better (Joy O Belly Mix)
  • Unknown
  • Nachtbraker (Central mix)