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Moxie w/ Ehua

London, 03.11.21

With Moxie

Part of the NTS family since day dot, Moxie has held her Wednesday show since the stations first broadcasts. Inviting esteemed guests for interviews & mixes and breaking new, unreleased music, she’s got your Wednesday afternoons covered… Tune in to hear anything from soulful house and disco to rolling techno.


  • Parris
    Falling In The Waves Ft.James K
  • Mallard 
    Aquitaine (606 Lake Mix)
  • Picpoul
    BSP (Extended Mix)
  • Last Nubian & Dougan
    Fix Your Mind
  • Solid Gold Playaz
    My Soul Is Quiet
  • Decius
  • Solid Gold Playaz
    Do You Think
  • DJ Technics
    Clair (Take Two)
  • Duowe
  • Soul Of Hex 
    Say It Again
  • Gallegos
    What About You (Original Mix)
  • Parris And Eden Samara
    Skaters World
  • Anz 
    Real Enough To Feel Good
  • Johnny Hunter
    Nah Wanna Accept
  • Matthew Jonson
    Marionette (Shanti Celeste Remix)
  • MF Doom
    Gazzillion (Linkwood’s Halloween Tribute Mix)
  • Parris
    Movements With Carmen Villain
  • Pq
  • Nicola Cruz (Azu Tiwaline mix) 
    Third Eye Dub (Azu Tiwaline Remix)
  • Pev & Kowton 
  • Loppy B
    Trench Foot
  • K Wata
    Your Attitude Not Mine (Clemency Remix)
  • Despina
  • Kamran
    Tombak Track
  • Mucho Sueño
  • Tomás Urquieta (M.E.S.H. mix) 
    Anatomia (M.E.S.H. Remix)
  • Otik
  • Luca Durán 
    Noche De Rosas
  • Pessimist 
    We Did It
  • Kondi Band
    Sweetness Don Don