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Astral Garden w/ Nailah Hunter

Los Angeles, 08.07.24

With Nailah Hunter

Take a moment and sit in the Astral Garden with harpist and composer Nailah Hunter, summoning healing frequencies you can float off to.

Image: Claudia Gödke


  • 0:00:10
    Dream Crease
    In The Tall Grass
  • 0:04:50
    Mort Garson 
    Cathedral Of Pleasure
  • 0:10:51
    David Casper 
    Carmel Valley Sunset
  • Joel Andrews
    Chakra, Pt. 7
  • Kay Gardner 
    Inner Mood II
  • Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Rolf Steinfelder
    Prelude A L’aube
  • Cate Le Bon 
    The Light
  • Francesca Heart
    Pond Dance Carillon
  • Laura Allan, Paul Horn 
  • Greenplant
    Forest Ferns Mossy Earth