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Naomi Asaturyan

London, 13.10.19

Naomi Asaturyan on the NTS airwaves, delivering soothing soul and spiritual jazz.


  • John Lennon 
  • The New Birth 
    Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
  • Johnny Smith 
    Lullaby Of Birdland
  • Love Apple 
    There's No Answer Without You
  • Eunice Collins 
    At The Hotel
  • Dorthy Ashby
    Gypsy Airs
  • (Unknown)
    There Will Never Be Another You
  • Kool & The Gang 
    Breeze & Soul
  • Yuan River- Cukor Bila Smirt
    The Great Hen
  • Hajime Tachibana 
    Piano Pillows Going Abstract
  • Steve Kuhn 
    The Meaning Of Love
  • Arthur Russell 
    That's Us / Wild Combination