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Natalia Panzer w/ Sonia Surma

Krakow, 18.11.23

Curio earworms and other obsessions from Krakow's Natalia Panzer.


  • 0:00:11
    Ned Milligan 
    A Crack in the Sky (WOOOOSH)
  • 0:00:30
    Sary Moussa 
  • 0:02:30
    Beatriz Ferreyra 
  • Lucy Railton 
    Corner Dancer
  • claire rousay 
    Loose Light
  • Sydney Spann 
    Purposeful Evening
  • Annea Lockwood 
    For Ruth
  • Christian Mirande 
    Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next
  • Havadine Stone 
    Slow Bath
  • Soccer Committee 
    Imagining you in the room
  • Bianca Scout feat. Bradley Creswick, Elena Isolini, Sabki, Sim Viscous 
    Empty Space
  • Vanessa Amara 
    I need you
  • Bergur Anderson 
    Flock, the midnight choir, breathing by the ocean
  • Nate Scheible 
    "With Any Kind Of Luck"
  • Andrew Weathers 
    Two Conversations Heard Through Relevant Objects
  • Underscores
    You Don’t Even Know Who I Am
  • Kiera Mulhern
    Signs In The Memory
  • Adela Mede 
    What The Heart Sees Not
  • Martyna Basta 
    Slowly Forgetting, Barely Remembering
  • Belmondawg & Babcia Wiosna
    Żyli Byli Try Japoni (Skit)